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The 8 curiosities of La Boqueria

How many times have you walked down Las Ramblas? How many times have you entered the Market known as La Boqueria? We have already lost count. But… Didn’t you know all these curiosities of La …

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Fall in love with Barcelona

Did you know that currently, we can find Barcelona as we have never seen it before? No crowds, no waiting, with time and space to enjoy. Can you imagine how its corners are right now?

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What is the Silence of Barcelona?

Many of us are wondering What is the silence of Barcelona? The silence of Barcelona is empty streets, tourist resources without tourist and no voices.

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The 5 Best Virtual Tours in Catalonia

Have you ever been in a virtual tour of Catalonia before? Have you ever visited the marvellous Barcelona from your couch? You enjoy the 5 best virtual tours in Catalonia.

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Castle of Cardona and Love

Would you like to discover a medieval castle? To unravel its most well-kept secrets and explore every single one of its marvellous rooms? If the answer to all of those questions is yes, then I know the perfect place for you! This beautiful place is Cardona Castle.

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How many museums are there in Sitges?

Can you imagine a place as beautiful and interesting as Sitges? With its dreamy scenery, replete of gorgeous beaches, an awe-inspiring village, lovely people and a charming collection of museums?

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Empúries the Shared Home of 2 Cultures

Empúries is the kind of place where you can see how cultures are able to coexist and even blend together with time.  What was first a Greek city became later a Roman one. But how …

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The Origin Of Catalonia

What is de origin of Catalonia? I’m sure that in some moment of your life you have wondered about your origins. You may have asked yourself things like who are my ancestors? Where do I …

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The Fairy Village

Legends of Viladrau Have you ever wondered what kind of magical beings could be hiding in the forests of Catalonia? Which are the legends born in their depths? What it is that makes them so …

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Where the history begins

The Medieval Town of Besalú If you are interested in the Middle Ages and you are willing to explore new areas to learn more about it, I know the perfect one to visit. The place …

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A dance as mysterious as fun

  Catalonia is a unique land rich in culture and folklore. It is the kind of place where you could get lost in countless celebrations, each one of them with their specifics traditions, food, music, …

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