Many of us are wondering What is the silence of Barcelona? The silence of Barcelona is empty streets, tourist resources without tourists and no voices.

In these extraordinary times, our Barcelona is empty. It is inevitable different. Nevertheless, the photos of the photographer Jaume give us another view and a different feeling of how Barcelona is. So first, let’s tell you a little bit more about the silence of Barcelona.

The silence of Barcelona

The silence of Barcelona is not bad, it is simply another way to discover our city right now. Barcelona is still beautiful. Barcelona has the same corners, the same tourist monuments as La Sagrada Familia, El Arco de Triunfo, Las Ramblas, La Boqueria, El Park Güell, Montjuïc and La Pedrera, among others. And now it’s time to enjoy the silence of Barcelona. The streets of Barcelona are not overcrowded, so we can walk quietly down the street and also through the different neighbourhoods of Barcelona. These quiet neighbourhoods are El Born, El Gótico, La Barceloneta, Gràcia and many more.

Barcelona calle

The tranquillity that exists when we see a sunrise on the beach, sunset on top of Los Bunkers of Barcelona or when we enjoy the lovely parks of the city. At this moment, we experience and feel the silence of Barcelona. 

Can you imagine walking around ”La Ciutadella” listening to the bird’s pee? Now is the time to be able to do it. We have to take advantage of this silence and enjoy these walks.

After learning a little more about the silence of Barcelona. We have an interview with Jaume. He is a photographer in Barcelona. The interview has a total of four questions; you can see the full interview below. 

Palmeras en Barcelona
  • Reporter of In Out Barcelona Tours: “Why do you have to publish photos during special periods?

Photographer Jaume: “I am a photographer, this is my job. Each photo can reflect the status of the display. What I want to express is its deep content.

  • Reporter of In Out Barcelona Tours: “What do you think of these photos? What attracted your attention.”

Photographer Jaume: “ I was thinking that this is another quiet beauty of Barcelona. In my eyes, Barcelona has always been so charming and will not change his beauty because of this special period. The only changes are more people and fewer people and whether there is business.»

  • Reporter of In Out Barcelona Tours: “Do you think Barcelona will return to prosperity?

Photographer Jaume: “Of course, Barcelona’s favourable conditions determine his special status. He is like a sun that never sets, sun, enthusiasm, unrestrainedness and femininity always exist. Occasionally, because of rain, the dark clouds will temporarily cover his light, but after the dark clouds, they will regain the glory of the past.

  • Reporter of In Out Barcelona Tours: “Do you want to say something to everyone?

Photographer Jaume: «Hope you all enjoy the moment. Enjoy the empty Barcelona now, this silence will be gone forever.»

  • Reporter of In Out Barcelona Tours: “Thank you very much for your cooperation.”

Photographer Jaume: It’s an honour.

Turistas en Sagrada Familia

After this interview by the reporter of In Out Barcelona Tours to photographer Jaume, we can say that you have to enjoy Barcelona at all times. It doesn’t matter that Barcelona is silent or that Barcelona has its streets full of people. We have to enjoy the little things and small details. And now Barcelona is at its most extraordinary splendour. The silence of Barcelona.

Do you want to feel the silence of Barcelona? Do you want to visit Barcelona? You can do it ”Here”.

Arco del Triunfo

All the images in this post are by photographer Jaume.