When it comes to what to bring to Barcelona, it is not an easy deal. From the city’s enchantment of the Raval to the glamour of Passeig de Gràcia, identifying what to pack may be tricky. Here is our packing list of how to make the most out of your suitcase.

An umbrella or a rain jacket

If you are travelling in Spring or Autumn remember to take an umbrella or a rain jacket. Even though in Barcelona there is only an average of 55 days of rain, most of these are in the months of April and May, September and October. Therefore, remember to add these items to your packing list in case you do not want to get caught up in the middle of a rain. 


Regardless of the month when you are making your trip, there is a high chance of getting hit by the sun in Barcelona as it has Mediterranean weather. We highly recommend adding the sunscreen to your packing list if you are fair-skinned. In the case that you’re only planning on doing sight-seeing and not going to the beach, opt for a lighter facial sun cream. 

Comfortable shoes

Using your feet as a mean of transport to visit the different sites is more usual in Barcelona than travelling by car. Because of that, we advise you to take a pair of comfortable shoes in your suitcase. By comfortable shoes we mean a pair of trainers as you will be walking around a lot and you do not want to get your feet tired by walking in flip-flops.

Barcelona power adapter

Spain’s power outlets are different from most of the other countries. If you are travelling from one of those countries we suggest you to add an adapter to your packing list if you want to be able to charge your electronic devices, such as the mobile phone to take pictures and save them as a memory from your wonderful trip to Barcelona.

A backpack with a zip on it

As people usually spend the full day making a guided tour, it is important to bring a little backpack where you will be able to carry on the most significant items for your visit. Adding a backpack to your packing list will make your trip easier and more comfortable. Also, you could pack most of the things that we recommend you in this bag. 

Leave the selfie stick behind

Not only will you stick out like a sore thumb among the natives, but it’s also been banned in some museums and popular tourist attractions. If you want to visit the Casa Amatller, Casa Lleó I Morera, the Picasso Museum, or the Catalunya National Art Museum, you’ll have to ask someone else to take your pictures.

Personal items

Toiletries such as floss, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, cleaning wipes and lip balm are a must to have with you. It is crucial to bring your personal belongings. It’s possible that you won’t be able to find the precise things that you rely on in your hometown in Barcelona. Double-check that you haven’t forgotten any prescription or over-the-counter medications.

A portable bottle of water

As stated before, the sun and hot weather in Barcelona is very present, and while doing tours, you may feel thirsty. Thus, we recommend adding to your packing list your own refillable water bottles with you instead of buying plastic bottles of water every day to help save the earth. A foldable water bottle that can be simply packed in the bag. 

A portable charger bank

Have you ever been caught out touring with a low-battery phone and not being able to take photographs? Or found your child’s iPad has run out of battery half way through a long pull flight? Don’t let it happen once more! Add a versatile charger control bank to your packing list, an awesome device to have always on hand.

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