Barcelona is a city that offers you a lot of nightlife, but there is one thing that people do not know and it is the places where offers you karaoke.

Sor Rita: The name of the place (diminutive in spanish to define ‘crazy ladies’) it’s not even a little ecclesiastic, in fact it is a space that attracts sinners, libertines and scoundrels. In all the wall you will find curious images. The roof of the entrance is full of high-heeled shoes, they have a gigantic mural with images of the main heroes of Plumalandia (Diana Ross, Alaska, Abba, Boy George). They do karaoke sessions every Thursday starting at 9pm, although they prefer to call it Kutreoke. A unique experience.

Klavier: Joan Miró, who was a pianist of Lone Star, is the owner and guest of this piano bar that enjoys a deliciously decadent charm and long, long, long night time. As the night progresses, a varied fauna comes together to the dance hall, confused night owls, radical party animals and people from the indie scene. Among all of them, the microphone and the pianist’s support to sing standards are disputed: they have a gigantic repertoire.

Touch Music Karaoke Bar: One of the most dynamic karaokes in the city, it is in continuous movement in social networks and always attentive to their customers. If you forget the camera at home, do not worry, it is one of the few karaoke venues in the city that do not stop taking photos and you can always find them on Facebook.

George Payne: More than a pub, it is a theme park. Located in a the place where it was a porn theater. Every Thursday and Sunday from 9 pm they open the micros to everyone. Great to sing and drink a cold pint.

A Viva Voz: Al viva voz has two stores, one on Aribau Street and the other on Rocafort Street. Between the two form a special tandem for the most fans of karaoke. In addition to going for drinks at night, you can also rent the room from 12 noon.

Sing-Along: If going to the movies seems an activity too relaxed, it is because you did not know the Sing-Along phenomenon. This way of watching movies, which has regular programs in the United Kingdom and the United States, consists of a real musical show where a group of animators will put you to dance and sing during the projections of different musicals, with the songs subtitled in karaoke format.

Zoologic: In the Zoologic Restaurant it is a crazy and fun place. Along the dinner, customers can enjoy a futuristic cabaret show, whose characters are atypical at the same time elegant, and away from the concept of parties. After dinner they also do karaoke sessions. You have to buy early tickets and book a table.