Sights in Barcelona to combine with nice restaurants.

You know it; you’re on a trip to a nice city and there is a lot to do, but you have to make choices. Because you really want to see the most important sightseeing spots, but also want to take time to visit nice restaurants and eat good food. That’s why we’ve put together some fun things to do in beautiful Barcelona and the best places to eat in the area!

So let´s have a look at the different restaurants and sights in Barcelona we combined.


If you come to Barcelona, ​​you are probably planning to visit the famous Sagrada Familia, and rightly so, because it really is a must-see! It’s good to start your trip here because Gaudi’s signature work can be seen all over the city. 

A nice place to eat nearby is El Nacional, an interesting concept near Sagrada Familia. It is an indoor beautiful place where several restaurants can be found. Each restaurant is unique and offers its own type of products, from chic food to tapas. It may be considered a bit pricey, but it’s not that bad, and it’s definitely worth it! 

El Nacional

If you want a cheaper and easier place to eat, Petit Bo is a good place. There is both a terrace and a place inside where you can sit. The food is tasty, different, and affordable. You can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

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Petit Bo


Another nice place to visit is Park Güell, also designed by the architect Gaudi. The park is one of the largest green spaces in Barcelona, ​​covering over 17 hectares. It is a privatized park system composed of gardens and architectural elements located on Carmen Hill. 

Because it is just a little further, it is not a must-visit for most people. Although it is worth it! After walking around the park and seeing everything well, it’s (usually) time to eat something. 

And now that you’re a bit further in Barcelona, ​​it’s the perfect moment to visit a suburb. 

Villa de Gracía, right under Park Güell, is one of the city’s most charismatic neighbourhoods. It is a pleasure to walk around and to admire the locals just living life. In every street, there are creative shops, small nice restaurants, and ecological supermarkets. With a cute square with terraces in the middle. Highly recommended to walk through and grab a bite to eat for lunch or dinner. 

Fiesta de Gracia: La fiesta del silencio en la plaza de la Virreina -  Semana de Arquitectura 2021 : Semana de Arquitectura 2021
Villa de Gracia

El Bandarra is a nice place with tasty tapas. But if that is full you can walk through and there are several places in that street such as Cantina Machito

Do you like Mexican food? A little further you see Tortilleria la Antigua de Mexico. A small yellow bar where you can get delicious tacos for around 2 euros. But also, a cute place to go to just to look and sniff through the stuff that they have for sale. 

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Tortilleria la Antigua de Mexico
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El Bandarra


When you think about Barcelona, ​​you think of Gaudi, the beautiful architecture and the sunny streets and beaches. Yet this Catalan city has plenty of interesting, beautiful museums.

In the history of the artists from Spain, Picasso is an important legend, who grew up in Barcelona. 

In the middle of the city in the neighbourhood of El Born, you will find the Picasso museum, where a collection of his beautiful art hangs. In this museum, you can follow his historical art from his youth until he was older. A special experience in a beautiful building.

If you’re more into modern art, there is the MOCO Museum further up the street. Originally based in Amsterdam, which just opened its doors in Barcelona. In this museum, you will find a collection of modern art, contemporary art & street art, like Bansky and other artists. This museum is also located in a beautiful building and is well worth a visit!

Because these two museums are both located in El Born, there are many options for where you can eat.

Nice lunch spots in the area are, for example, the restaurants on the square Plaça de Santa del Maria, at the Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar. But also Bar del Pla or Perikete is always popular.

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Plaça de Santa de Maria

If you visit the museums at the end of the day, it is nice to eat tapas in one of the typical Spanish bars. In the same street, there is the restaurant El Exampanyet, a cosy bar that offers traditional tapas. It is a quite popular place, where you have to be on time. 

The doors open at 19:00, so it’s wise to be there fifteen minutes in advance if you want to skip the line. With their homemade cava and low prices, it is the perfect place to hang out with delicious food

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El Xampanyet
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El Xampanyet


Just above El Born is the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona is a red brick triumphal arch in Neo-Moorish style, designed by architect Josep Vilaseca I Casanovas. At the time, the arch was the main entrance to the 1888 World’s Fair held in the Parc de la Ciutadella. 

The arch has a height of 30 meters and is so impressive to see and to walk under. Take a look and combine this with the park that borders it, great to walkthrough!

The Arc de Triomphe is centrally located, so again there are many places where you can go for breakfast/lunch/dinner. 

Picnic is a nice place for breakfast or lunch with a good atmosphere and good food. From tapas to tasty sandwiches, from cakes to burgers, you have it all!

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If you walk a little more obliquely up towards l’Eixample, you will find Pudding Cake. From the outside, it looks like a simple regular cafe. But if you continue to the back you will find the entrance to a very cosy magical garden. A place that has not been discovered yet, but everyone who has been there can confirm that it is a very nice place. 

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Pudding Cake

During the day the ambience is very chilled, you can have lunch or eat one of the delicious cakes with a cup of coffee or tea. But at the end of the day; the music starts and there is also room for wine, drinks, or a meal. On Thursdays and Sundays, there is live music and even a small vintage market! Recommended!

5. MACBA museum

Last, but not least, is the MACBA museum. This museum is located in El Raval, approximately below the large square Plaça Catalunya. You don’t even have to enter the museum, walking past and around it, is also fun to do. The museum’s 1995 building, designed by noted American architect Richard Meyer, overlooks a very popular public square ‘Plaça dels Angels’, surrounded by creatives, street performers, and skaters.

Nice to sit for a while and watch the different people around you.

It is advisable to walk up the Ramblas. You will then pass Plaça Reial which is next to the Ramblas, a very nice inner square with a fountain and nice bars where you can eat or have a drink.

And otherwise, you can eat on MACBA square itself. The restaurants on the square are all nice and very tasty. Our favourite, Doña Rosa, a hip terrace with Mediterranean good food, but also KINO next to Doña Rosa has a good amiance.

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Kino, at the MACBA square
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Placa Reial
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Dona Rosa

All in all, there are plenty of restaurants near sights to go to. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to go out with a well-filled stomach? Or reward yourself afterwards of course!

Are you not convinced yet? Do you want the perfect combination, where you can see Barcelona ánd eat good food? 

Then Foodie Tours is the perfect option for you, where you can explore Catalan gastronomy and taste authentic food. With Foodies Tours you go to places that are popular among locals but still unknown by outsiders.

Foodie Barcelona

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