Designed as a summer residence, Casa Vicens in Barcelona was Antoni Gaudí’s first major commission after completing his studies in 1878. Demonstrating his talent and constructive genius, the architect was able to create a completely original work, whose striking design anticipated the arrival of the modernist movement.

Design of the façade

The façades of Casa Vicens are characterised by their modulation through white and green ceramic tiles, arranged in a chequered pattern and combined with tiles with floral motifs, defining an architecture of right angles.

At the bottom, these decorative elements form a composition of horizontal lines.

On the upper levels, they are arranged vertically on small columns that protrude above the plane of the façade, creating a composition that appears to dematerialise in height.

This dematerialisation is accentuated by the towers at the corners of the façades, rotated at different levels, thus achieving an effect of movement.

Structure of the house

Gaudí designed a small house with four levels: basement, first and second floors. Inside, a young architect showed his talent, especially in  noble rooms and  exotic smoking rooms. 

The size of the property determines the location and orientation of the building. Gaudí placed his house on the northeast side of the site and leaned against the partition wall of the next building.

This floor plan left enough space to  plan the garden and designed a monumental arch surrounding the waterfall, creating a cool atmosphere in the garden itself and in the house.

Gaudí’s inspiration for the decoration

Gaudí realized that nature was the main source of inspiration for all his works. Casa Vicens is one of the first examples of various natural elements expressed and integrated into the whole. Margaroon leaves on the wrought-iron lattice at the entrance and Moore carnations on the façade tiles stand out.

There is also a reference to nature in the house through the integration of various decorative arts such as wrought iron, painting, ceramics and sgraffito. In this way, continuity is created between the outside and the inside.

Types of visits

Summer vibes

The most delicious visit! Embrace the spring and discover Gaudí’s first house! The experience includes a delicious artisan mango ice cream.

This visit includes:

  • Free visit to Casa Vicens Gaudí during the house museum’s opening hours.
  • Audio guide (available in 15 languages).
  • Delicious artisan mango ice cream.
  • Access to temporary exhibitions.

Guided Tour

Don’t miss a thing at this gem of Modernisme with the Casa Vicens guided tour. Tour in english, catalan or spanish.

This visit includes:

  • Led by one of our in-house experts.
  • Language in English, Catalan or Spanish.
  • Maximum: 12 people
  • Duration: 75-90 min

Smile Gaudí

Get the best souvenir of your visit: a photo shoot with our photographers that will make you smile.

This visit includes:

  • Photo session with our photographers.
  • Set of 15 digital high-resolution photos sent directly to your phone or email.
  • Self-guided visit to Casa Vicens Gaudí.
  • Audio guide (available in 15 languages).
  • Access to the temporary exhibition.

Open Date

The Cultural Visit “Open Date Vicens” offers a magical trip to Gaudí’s first house . You can visit all the rooms and gardens of this summer house commissioned in 1883 by Mr Vicens.

This visit includes:

  • Visit Casa Vicens at your leisure, on the day and at the time you choose.
  • Audio guide (available in 13 languages).
  • Access to temporary exhibitions.

Casa Vicens Visit

Enjoy an in-depth visit, taking as much time as you need to look at each and every detail of the house, now immaculately restored.

This visit includes:

  • Visit Casa Vicens at your leisure.
  • Audio guide (available in 13 languages).
  • Access to temporary exhibitions.

Virtual Guided Tour

Guided by an architect, and from the comfort of your own home, we invite you to discover the first house built by the most universal Catalan genius: Antoni Gaudí.

This visit includes:

  • Available languages: english.
  • Subtitles available: english.
  • Duration: approx 30 minutes.
  • The guided tour is for personal use and the link can be viewed up to 3 times.

Adress of the House

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