You can’t visit Barcelona without breathing the atmosphere of its markets. The city reunites in these key points to buy or sell fresh food and to exchange art or collectors’ items. Each market is destined to a type of product; making it more or less of a touristic attraction. So no matter what you are interested in, you will find it in Barcelona! Today in this post we will describe Barcelona’s markets which are destined to selling cloth, art, books and many more!

If what you are looking for is new modern art and souvenirs run to the Fir Nova Artesania Rambles. Here new artisans group up to show the world their ideas and reenactments of old products, and what better location can you ask for than La Rambla, after visiting La Boqueria, the Fir Nova Artesania is just a 5 minutes’ walk. Modern art mixes with tradition to create a beautiful environment where young and old can enjoy a morning walk.

The art culture is in an exponential growth throughout Barcelona. Every Saturday and Sunday you will find the art market in Plaça de Sant Josep. Next to the church of Santa María del Pi, a gothic church  artist build up their stands and with a genuine smile, sell their painting! Tour under the tree shadows and enjoy Barcelona’s local art!

If you are a collector of rare items, the Fira de Nautumismo is perfect for you! Here, every Sunday, you can find unique objects at a good price. The market opens every Sunday at 10am in Plaça Real (next to our offices!) The market is famous for its collection of coins and stamps, but anything can be found with a keen eye. Normally the stands are open until 14:30 but after this keep your eyes open! Local inhabitants will open stands trying to sell their products and jewelry at bargain prices.

The Mercat de Encants is Barcelona’s standard flee market. It has 274 different business offering from clothing, souvenirs, collectors’ items, old CDs, art material or a second hand market. If you are hungry, you will find different restaurants located in every floor of the building. If you are planning on buying lots of stuff, you can take your vehicle, as the building has an underground parking. Sometimes next to the food stands you will find live music being played for your entertainment! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday local will start and auction, where if you are lucky you can find something of your interest at a good price!

One honorable mention would be Barcelona’s Mercat del Born. The building functioned as a Market until 1980, specializing in different types of products, but after this the market remained closed until 2002 when construction workers found medieval ruins  under the building. The Government decided to re-assign the building as a center of culture and refurbished the building allowing for small auditoriums and exhibition rooms.

If you are visiting Barcelona, we recommend you to tour around the city and spend a day walking around its markets, where you can find fresh food and restaurants ( live music entertainment, and good collectors’ items at a bargains price!

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