Barcelona and Catalunya is one of, if not the biggest, culinary spot in Spain. Spanish gastronomy is renown worldwide but here in Barcelona thanks to the metropolitan life style you can enjoy several different types of food styles.

In today’s blog we will talk about the high-end, famous Catalan restaurant. All of the restaurants we will talk about will have at least 1 star in the Michelin Guide.

First we will talk briefly about the restaurant Sant Pau a restaurant located 50 minutes away from Barcelona in San Pol de Mar. The restaurant has a modern and creative style but its plates are always based around catalan seasonal products. The restaurant is well renown and has received many trophies. The tasting menu is around 200€ and they will take care of your allergies if requested.

The restaurant Cinc Sentits is found in one of Barcelona most famous neighborhoods, Eixample. The restaurant is focused around offering the best quality products from different points of Spain. The catalan chef is the renown Jordi Artal, who offers seasonal tasting menus around 100€.

The Restaurant Roca Moo is located in the center of Barcelona. The restaurant is assessed by one of the most famous restaurants in the world, El Celler de Can Roca, that was chosen the best restaurant in the world in 20 13 and 2015 by the Michelin guide. The Roca Moo has one Michelin star and its commanded by the chef Juan Pretel who offers a particular vision of catalan cuisine. The menus change seasonally, the normal menu is priced at 50€ and the tasting menu is priced at 105€. The central restaurant is located close to Girona so if you are planning on going to one of the best restaurants in the world, reserve in advance!

Another 3 Michelin star restaurant in Barcelona is Lasarte which received the 3 stars in 2017. The chef is famous Martín Berasategui, one of Spain’s best cooks. The restaurants objective is to create a memorable experience during your meals. The restaurant has extensive menu where each plate cost around 50€, but if you want to taste the full Lasarte experience, you can get the tasting menu for around 200€.

In the neighborhood of Sant Antoni, you can find the restaurant Alkimia, who has one Michelin star. Recently the restaurant has changed location to one of Barcelona’s most famous location, the old Moritz factory. The chef Jordi Vilá, also manages the microbrew that is next to the restaurant where they serve similar tapas to what you can find in the restaurant. The average price is of 100€.

To get away from Spanish gastronomy the Hoja Santa is a one Michelin Star Mexican restaurant. If you want to enjoy good Mexican food at a reasonable price, this is your restaurant to go. Still the restaurant has a tasting menu for 120€ where you can be delighted with the best Mexican food outside of Mexico.

Lastly we will talk about the restaurant Angle, managed by one of the most famous Spanish chefs of the moment Jordi Cruz. This chef is one of the main judges in the Spanish Master Chef. The chef idea is to mix tradition with modernity. The restaurant wants to create a more affordable menu to increase the reach of the experience.