«L´ou com balla», (the dancing egg) is an old tradition that takes place in several towns in Catalonia, during the feast of Corpus Christi.

The dancing egg  is something difficult to explain , a singularity of somewhat surrealist  linked to the religious tradition. But the truth is that it is very fun!

Resultado de imagen de ou com balla

The Corpus Christi of the year 2018 is on Thursday, May 31. This date is given in relation to Easter Sunday, adding 60 days.  Honestly, the dancing egg is a sensational show for all audiences.

There are a few places in the city of Barcelona where you can go and observe the fun movements of the egg on top of a stream of water. And that is simply and plainly that, an empty egg that oscillates, rotates, rises and falls on top of a spout. It looks like it’s going to fall but it goes back up in an incredible way.Resultado de imagen de ou com balla

The majority of courtyards and fountains to see the show are available in the center of Barcelona. Some of the most prominent places that we recommend are:

The Cathedral of Barcelona
Frederic Marès Museum (Sant Iu square)
The parish of Santa Anna (Rivadeneyra, 3)
The House of l’Ardiaca (Santa Llúcia, 1)
The Ateneu Barcelonés (Canuda, 6)
The parish of the Puríssima Concepció (Aragó, 299)
La Reial Acadèmia de Bones Lletres (Bisbe Caçador, 3)

We hope that this information has helped you, and that you are encouraged to visit this curious show!