Catalonia has a diverse coast with different landscapes and environments. Costa Brava is a must see to visit when travelling to Catalonia. It might not be a worldwide famous touristic destination but it is definitely one of the most breathtaking zones of Spain, with uncountable beaches, famous art museums and little towns with history. In this blog we want to show you 10 beautiful spots in Costa Brava.

Medieval Castle of Tossa de Mar

Located in Tossa de Mar, this is, without a doubt, Costa Brava’s most picturesque tiny community. Its essence has been preserved by the inhabitants. You may take a stroll around the area and smell the history and culture of the sea.

With historic restaurants serving the greatest fresh fish and welcoming people who treat visitors as if they were friends, Tossa de Mar also provides distinctive, beautiful spots at night, with soft lights surrounding the historic fortress.


It’s not done to go to Costa Brava and not visit Cadaqués. If you have already done a little bit of research about Cadaqués you will see that the village is the most representative image of the Costa Brava. It has really beautiful spots along with cultural and medieval spots.

Its charm is based on its little white houses, the authentical little streets and the church which you can see from every part of the village. This is an important tip for the ones that get sick in the car, there are a lot of curves and be patient because of traffic jams in the summer.

«El Far de Sant Sebastià»

If you want to take the best Instagram photos of Costa Brava’s breathtaking panoramic views along with the beautiful spot you are in, you need to visit the San Sebastian Lighthouse. From the top of the tower you can see all the small towns that surround the tower, including Llafranc and Calella de Palafrugell. 

Also, if you want to enjoy a drink or sushi food while watching the sunset over the vast ocean, don’t forget that there is a restaurant with a quiet and calm atmosphere.

Dalí’s House in Portlligat

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to visit a beautiful spot, that was home of one of the most  famous artists in the world, known for his surrealist work of arts, Salvador Dalí.

Dalí’s house is that important because it wasn’t possible the other way around. From the outside you can see very large eggs, and from the inside all the corridors are a maze of various lomos.

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«Jardí Botànic de Marimurtra»

Located in Blanes, it is one of the most beautiful spots of the city. The first village of  Costa Brava is Blanes, with its iconic gardens. The Dream Garden was built a century ago by the wealthy German Carfaust next to the beach. Surprisingly, it has been preserved and is now one of the village’s icons. 

The combination of  garden greens and many plants and flowers from all over the world, as well as the blue of the sea, makes it unique. You can lose yourself in the chaotic order of illusionist art.

«Cala Banys»

Want to chat for hours without a sense of time? At Cala Banys, forget about your daily life and leave the world. No matter  who you go with, it’s the perfect bar for the end of the day or  a relaxing afternoon. 

During the day, you can enjoy  spectacular views of the crystal blue water and the special rocks of Costa Brava. Enjoy the sound of the waves at night, making it an intimate and romantic place. This is a must-have for discovering the true essence of Lloret de Mar.

“Mirador de S’Agaró”

Walk along Costa Brava and follow the «El Cami De Ronda» path  between Sa Conca and San Pol Beach, where you will come across  this perspective next to a small square of seven pillars. 

Don’t forget to stop there and take a deep breath. Surrounded by the wonderful nature of the Mediterranean, admire the environment and the beautiful spots that you can see through the viewpoint.

The Natural Park of Cadaqués

The natural area of ​​Cap de Creus is spectacular. There is no word to describe this part of  Costa Brava. There are many small beaches where you can swim, relax and play with your children, animals, friends or couple. 

Do you need to play or exercise? Take a short or long walk and discover for yourself what we mean when there are no words to describe this landscape. There is a beautiful spot where an animal-shaped rock is located that frees your imagination and unleashes your creativity.

«Cala Bona»

Not far  from Tossa de Mar, this small place has a Caribbean atmosphere. In the middle of everywhere is a camouflaged beach bar.

Enjoy delicious seafood, stunning mojitos and sangria while admiring the calm views just 100 metres from the sea. You will definitely feel the atmosphere of the Mediterranean in  this precious place. Please note that the beach bar is open only in the summer.

«Monestir de Sant Pere de Rodes»

Located in Port de la Selva, this iconic spot is the most cultural visit of the ten places to visit. It’s the most famous monastery of the Costa Brava and also the one with the most history. It has a church and is open to the public. It has a romanesque architecture and creates a visual impact when you drive through it.

Don’t doubt it and go to Costa Brava to enjoy your relaxing holidays!

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