Cadaqués is located in Alt Empordà, Girona, Cataluña. It is on the Costa Brava and even if it just had a population of around 2000 people, up to ten times as many people live there in the high season of tourism. From rocky coasts to sandy beaches and a natural park, Cadaqués offers much for its visitors.

Dalí visited Cadaqués very often in his childhood and later had a home in Port Lligat. But Dalí was not the only artist living and inspiring Cadaqués. Eliseu Meifrèn was the first modern artist to live there. Many of his works are placed in the town. His marble top table where he sketched many of his fishermen was also given to Cadaqués.

After decades of being the source of inspiration for many artists, today the center enjoys an intense cultural life. Many museums, art galleries, like the House-Museum of Salvador Dalí make Cadaqués to an outstanding village.

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