The city of Barcelona has one of the best gastronomies in the world. If you come to this city these are the dishes you have to taste:

  • Tomato Bread: This is the most traditional food in Catalonia. The techinque we use is very simple, we cut the tomato in half and we rub it over the bread adding a little of olive oil and salt. The bread we use in Barcelona it’s the french bagguette or the “pan de coca”. The dish is served accompanied with any sorts of sausages, ham, cheese, omelettes, anchovies, etc.

  • Escalivada: You can find this dish everywhere, it typically consists of roasted eggplant and bell peppers with olive oil, and sometimes onion, tomato, minced garlic, and salt. The taste is really strong but if you go to Barcelona you can not taste it.

  • Coca: It is a classic street food, there are many diverse cocas, with four main varieties: sweet, savoury, closed and open. You can put the ingredients that you want like ham, cheese, vegetables, etc. For Saint John’s Festival it’s traditional to eat a sweet coca.

  • Calçots with Romesco sauce: This dish is a type of scallion or green onion known as calçot in the Catalan language. It is made in winter they are grilled over fire, wrapped up in newspaper, served on terra cotta tiles and eaten after peeling with bare hands by dipping them one by one in romesco sauce made with tomato, pepper, garlic, almonds, bread and olive oil. This kind of dish it’s one of the most funniest dishes to eat, normally in Catalonia we do “Calçotada” it consists in meeting with friends to have a little party and eat calçots.

Resultat d'imatges de calçots

  • Crema catalana: It is a typical catalan dessert that it’s very eated in Barcelona consisting of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. The sugar is caramelized with a specially made iron, rather than a flame. The custard is flavored with lemon or orange zest, and cinnamon.