Dali Triangle Interactive Virtual Tour in a Small Group

Dali Triangle Interactive Virtual Tour in a Small Group - In out Barcelona Tours
Dali Triangle Interactive Virtual Tour in a Small Group - In out Barcelona Tours
Dali Triangle Interactive Virtual Tour in a Small Group - In out Barcelona Tours
Dali Triangle Interactive Virtual Tour in a Small Group - In out Barcelona Tours
Dali Triangle Interactive Virtual Tour in a Small Group - In out Barcelona Tours
Dali Triangle Interactive Virtual Tour in a Small Group - In out Barcelona Tours
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Private Tour · Half Day

Live Virtual Tour - online
Duration : 1:15h · Half Day
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Learn about Salvador Dalí and his surrealistic life through a visit of his three museums in Figueres, Portlligat and Púbol in this guided Live Virtual Tour.


Immerse yourself in Dalí's life & art through a visit in his 3 museums in Figueres, Portlligat & Púbol on this guided virtual tour. This is an Online Experience from your home, led by a professional guide, including photos and videos, stories, anecdotes and insights, including quizzes, polls and a live Q&A session with your guide.

Plunge into a New Online Experience and learn about Salvador Dalí. Discover the towns where he lived and worked on this Live Virtual Tour. Get to know the towns of Cadaques and Figueres, pivotal in shaping Dalí to become the artist he grew up to be. Travel through the crazy and surreal Dalí performances, stories and his particular world point of view, led by our specialized professional guide.
Visit the three museums dedicated to Dalí with a specialized professional guide with ample experience in guiding inside these museums. Interact with your guide. Thanks to the small size of the group, you will be able to speak with your guide freely.

Tour highlights

  • Online Virtual Experience

  • Learn about Dalí with a specialized guide in this virtual tour

  • See where Dalí was born and where he spent his childhood

  • Dive inside Dali’s Surreal soul and his crazy performances

  • Visit the Dalí Museum, the largest surrealist object in the world in a guided visit

  • Get an inside look at the life of Salvador Dalí during a guided tour of his former residence.

  • Enter the Gala Dalí Castle that Dalí dedicated to his muse

  • The small group ensures you will be able to interact with your guide

Tour information



  • Online Experience of Salvador Dalí!
  • Guided Live Virtual Tour of the three museums, dedicated to Dalí: ‘Dalí Theatre-Museum’, ‘Salvador Dalí House’ , ‘Gala Dalí Castle’ of Púbol.
  • Guided Live Virtual visit of the towns of Figueres & Cadaqués.
  • You will be able to speak with the guide throughout this Live Virtual Tour.
  • This is an interactive tour, which means you will be able to speak during the tour if you wish. You can either share your audio and video or use the chat. Rest assured that your guide will answer every question you ask.
  • The small group format allows for an interactive experience
  • Upon booking, you will receive the instructions to join the Online Experience.
  • The proposed starting times of the tour are in EDT Eastern Daylight Time. Go to: www.thetimezoneconverter.com/to know the starting time in your city.
  • Each booking is valid for one device, but this device can be shared.

Points of interest

  • Figueres (Salvador Dalí Theatre-Museum):
    Learn about Dali’s childhood in his hometown. As Dalí’s hometown, Figueres is one of the three points that make up the so-called ‘Dalí Triangle’. The town is home to the Dalí Theatre-Museum. Dive into the work of a genius at a museum, designed by the artist, considered as the world’s largest surrealist piece of art. Discover his works through a virtual visit with your guide, a specialist of Dalí that knows the museum like the back of his hand.

  • Cadaqués:
    One of the most picturesque towns on the Costa Brava and a popular residence among artists. Discover the town’s idyllic landscape, shaped by its emblematic white houses, rugged forms of coastal relief and the eternal swell of the sea.

  • Portlligat (Salvador Dalí House Museum):
    Discover why Dalí considered this village as his true residence. A visit through the rooms of his house, decorated by the painter himself, reveals the intimate details of his life. You will also see his studio and learn about his techniques through this New Online Experience.

  • Púbol (Gala – Dalí Castle):
    A Gothic-Renaissance fortification that Salvador Dalí restored for his beloved, Gala. The painter himself was not allowed to enter the castle without an invitation from his wife, but you will be able to enter this castle with your guide, through this Online Experience. Discover the secrets of the least known location of the three points in Dalí’s Triangle.

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