Travel back in time to the days of the Roman Empire on this half-day outing to historical Tarragona. Two thousand years ago, this was the capital of ‘Hispania Citerior’, one of three Roman provinces on the Iberian Peninsula. First, your expert local guide will pick you up at your Barcelona accommodation in a comfortable car or minivan. From there, your group will journey to the past, to when gladiators, centurions and ruthless emperors wrote the mythical history of an almighty empire. Tarragona is located about 60 miles (100 km) south of Barcelona. The city is situated on the Costa Dorada, known for its crystal clear waters and the golden shimmer of its sandy beaches.

  • Follow in the footsteps of gladiators and emperors on a Roman history tour of Tarragona.
  • Learn about the history of 'Hispania Citerior,’ one of three Roman provinces on the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Uncover the ancient relics of the city’s 2000-year history.
  • See where gladiators once clashed in bloody combat at the well-preserved Roman Amphitheatre.
  • A great trip for lovers of Roman history!

This tour is perfect for those who wish to learn about and experience the fascinating history of Catalonia. Travel back to the days of the Roman Empire by touring the beautiful city of Tarragona on the Costa Dorada. As the former capital of ‘Hispania Citerior’, one of three Roman provinces on the Iberian Peninsula, Tarragona offers over 2,000 years of history to explore.
Our expert guide will pick you up in a comfortable private transport, and journey to the ancient Roman city of Tarraco. Discover a time when gladiators, centurions, mighty legions and ruthless emperors wrote the mythical and bloody history of the Roman Empire.
Tarragona is located 100 km south of Barcelona, ​​on the Costa Dorada. This beautiful natural environment is known for its crystal clear waters and the golden shimmer of its soft sandy beaches. Tarragona’s historical center, with its colorful and narrow streets, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city is also home to one of the best preserved Roman archaeological sites in Spain.
Your group will first stop just before entering the ancient “Tarraco” to marvel at the Les Ferreres Aqueduct. This magnificent structure, built by the Romans, is also called 'The Devil’s Bridge'. It is 217m long and 26m high - a spectacular example of engineering ahead of its time!
On the walking tour that follows, you will discover the many preserved remains of ancient Roman civilization. Visit the ancient walls surrounding the city and one of the best-preserved circuses in Europe, hidden under nineteenth century constructions.
Catch glimpses of the ancient Roman Forum, which has served as Tarragona’s city center for 2,000 years. Our group will finally arrive to the stunning Amphitheatre, located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. During the second century this was the center of entertainment for civilians, a setting for bloody gladiatorial battles and circus acts with wild animals.
The tour will finish on the so-called “Balcony of the Mediterranean.” Our guide will explain how its proximity to the Sea has affected the history of “Tarraco” for thousands of years. This is a very special lookout indeed; a place from which you will have the chance to enjoy beautiful views of the historical city and the sea stretching forth toward the horizon in the distance.


points of interest

  • Les Ferreres Aqueduct: The Devil’s Bridge originally ran for about 15 km, supplying the city with water. Today it is one of the most spectacular, yet barely known, examples of Roman engineering in Catalonia.
  • Roman Circus: This circus is one of the best preserved in the world. You will have the chance to walk through one part of the tribune that was 325 meters long and could hold 25,000 spectators. Relive the impressive shows that were held here during the days of the Roman Empire.
  • Roman Forum Tarragona: The center of the town is still currently located where it was 2,000 years ago. Here you will see not only the traces of Roman architecture, but also some traces of the city’s medieval past, combined with a more modern style.
  • Roman Amphitheatre: Visit the ruins of the amphitheater, which are idyllically located by the Mediterranean Sea. Travel back in time to witness the bloodiest episodes of ancient Rome, gladiatorial matches where brave soldiers fought for their lives.
  • where: Tarragona.
  • Group: Max. 8 persons
  • availability: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
    (except December 24th, 25th, and 26th and 1st of January)
  • Tour duration: 5h - Half day
  • Pick-up time: from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.
  • Language Available: English and Spanish
  • Expert tour guide.
  • Private transport in car or minivan.
  • Entrance to the different sites.
  • Tour of medieval and modern Tarragona.
  • Pick up and drop off at your accommodation.
  • Small groups (maximum of 8 people).

Not included
  • Any private expenses.
  • Gratuities (optional)


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