Montserrat Tour - Half Day

Spend one morning in the most mysterious and magical site of Catalonia with this classic ride in train to a unique natural monument, the MOUNTAIN OF MONTSERRAT. Avoid large massive tours and meet our specialized guide who will help you to immerse in our most rooted cultural myths.


Spend one morning in the most mysterious and magical site of Catalonia with this classic ride in train to a unique natural monument, the MOUNTAIN OF MONTSERRAT. Avoid large massive tours and meet our specialized guide who will help you to immerse in our most rooted cultural myths.

Meet our guide at Plaza España, where we will catch the train that takes us to the town of Monistrol. In this small village is where the old pilgrims used to take the rack railway to make the ascent of the mountain, which rises majestically to 4000 feet in height.

This historical medium of transport, which has its origin in the nineteenth century, is now adapted to ensure maximum comfort of the traveler. With its panoramic windows, you'll enjoy the most exclusive views of this spectacular natural setting: nicknamed as the "Holy Mountain", this rocky massif is known for the whimsical shapes of its peaks soaring through the sky, its valleys and caves, giving an appearance of mysterious beauty.

In the mountain, 2380 feet above sea level and surrounded by this magnificent scenery, is located the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat. Authentic spiritual retreat center for nearly a thousand years of history, visit includes the basilica, where we find the Virgin of Montserrat - the "Black Madonna".
According to legend the virgin appeared in the IX century, giving rise the hermitage of Santa Maria and its worship for centuries. Patron and symbol of Catalonia, now is venerated a XII century Romanesque carving characterized by its unique dark skin, hence the nickname as it is popularly known.

After visiting the monastery, a walking tour of its surroundings will allow us to enjoy the unparalleled views of this privileged environment which was declared a Natural Park in 1987. At the end of this tour, you will discover the Holy Cave, where according to legend appeared the virgin and has since been a center of pilgrimage and prayer.

To conclude, you can enjoy the angelic voices of ‘La Escolania de Montserrat’, one of the oldest children choirs of Europe, who will end with this traditional visit in the heart of Catalonia.

With our guide you will return in train to Barcelona at 14:30 approximately, with time to continue exploring other highlights of the city and its outskirts.

Tour Highlights

  • Natural Park of the Mountain of Montserrat Declared Natural Park in 1987, this rocky massif of curious relief is highlighted by the rounded shapes of their beaks. Its natural surroundings, of spectacular and rare beauty, also offer the most mysterious views of Catalonia.
  • Monastery and the "Black Madonna" Almost a thousand years of history has this Benedictine abbey, authentic spiritual retreat center and place of pilgrimage in honor of the Virgin of Montserrat. The current image of the "Black Madonna", a wooden carving of the twelfth century, is today a true symbol of Catalan culture.
  • Choir of Montserrat One of the oldest choirs singing children of Europe, which has certainty from the fourteenth century. These children participate in liturgical celebrations and community prayer that is made in the basilica

Tour Duration:4-5H - Half day

Group: Max.8 persons

  • Professional guide
  • Private transportation
  • guided tours of Montserrat

Montserrat from Barcelona.

Available all the year, not 25-26 December, 1st January

Montserrat Tour - Half Day

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