Gràcia neighborhood

Ready to discover one of the most unique neighborhoods of Barcelona? As passionate keepers of Catalan tradition and local patrimony, we are currently the only agency in the city that offers a private walking tour of beautiful Gràcia.
Leave it to our expert native guide to show you around this vibrant, bohemian neighborhood during a 3-hours cultural tour. Along the way you will discover bustling markets, talented artists’ shops, deep-rooted traditions and the local way of life.
While walking through the narrow streets and picturesque plazas, our group will make frequent stops and your guide will share fascinating facts about local history and culture. This is a district less congested by cars, making it the perfect environment to stroll through without being annoyed by traffic.

  • Explore Barcelona's charming Gràcia neighborhood on a private walking tour
  • Relax and enjoy the local lifestyle on a picturesque terraced plaza
  • Soak in the vibe at bustling bars and hip eateries along Carrer Verdi
  • Admire the Modernist architecture of the Gaudí-designed Casa Vicens
  • Enjoy a unique new way to experience a lesser-known part of Barcelona

Tired of the crowded and noisy city center? Join our knowledgeable native guide on a cultural excursion to a unique and dynamic neighborhood that was once a small autonomous village and has maintained its small-town charm ever since.
At the end of the 19th century, Barcelona was in the throes of a large-scale expansion and was involved in the construction of the Eixample district. In 1897 the city absorbed the village of Gràcia, connecting it to the rest of the city through the famous shopping avenue Passeig de Gràcia and making it one of the city's newest neighborhoods.
Nowadays, longtime neighbors and new residents coexist in harmony, creating a pleasant environment that makes the district one of the liveliest and most popular in Barcelona. We will show you the real Gràcia, allowing you to enjoy the authentic local atmosphere and bohemian vibe, the lively markets and unique artisan shops that make this neighborhood so special. Gràcia is, additionally, one of the least congested areas of the city with many of its residents preferring to walk or ride their bicycles rather than drive cars. This makes for a wonderful setting in which to enjoy a stroll about, especially when the weather is nice.
During this 3-hour walking tour, you will visit important historic landmarks, including Casa Vicens, which was Gaudi’s first important work for the city. You will also explore bustling neighborhood markets to get a real feel for the local lifestyle of Gràcia. Along the way, our expert local guide will make several stops to explain local history and cultural curiosities.
And, of course, no tour of Gràcia is complete without an introduction to the famous festival of the neighborhood, taking place in mid-August. The Festa Major de Gràcia is considered a festival of national interest of Catalonia, and involves several cultural traditions, such as performances by “Castellers” (human towers) and “Correfocs” (fire runners). During this weeklong event, the residents of the neighborhood also dress their streets in colorful decorations, perfect to enjoy with some live music.
If you’re looking to get off the beaten tourist track and discover a charming local neighborhood, this tour is designed for you!


points of interest

  • Plaça de la Revolució de Setembre 1868: This plaza commemorates the dethronement of Isabel II and the beginning of the “6 years of democracy” (1868-1874), which lasted until the Bourbons seized power again in 1874.
  • Plaça del Raspall: Home to the traditional “bodega” (wine cellar) E. Marin. Choose a barrel to stand around and enjoy some local tapas with the local favourite, “vermut” (vermouth).
  • Casa Vicens: Antoni Gaudí designed this family residence for industrialist Manuel Vicens. It is now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Carrer Verdi: One of Gràcia’s busiest streets, lined with trendy bars, world-class restaurants and authentic local boutiques.
  • Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia: A picturesque plaza with a stunning blue Modernist style town hall and clock tower designed by architect Antoni Rovira i Trias.
  • Plaça del Sol: A lively square covered by restaurant and bar terraces, where young people relax with friends and enjoy the Barcelona lifestyle.
  • Gràcia City Hall: A wonderful setting for performances by traditional giant figures like the Gegants i Cap grossos, used in Catalonian festivals.
  • Mercat de la Llibertat: One of the oldest markets in town, owing its Modernist style to architect Francesc Berenguer, Gaudí's friend and admirer.
  • Plaça del Diamant & Plaça de la Virreina: Two picture-perfect and intimate squares, often mentioned in local Catalan literature.
  • where: Barcelona.
  • Group: Max. 8 persons
  • availability: Daily
    (except December 24th, 25th, and 26th and 1st of January)
  • Tour duration: 3h - Half day
  • Starting time: 9:30 a.m.
  • Language Available: English and Spanish
  • Professional guide
  • Private walking tour

Not included
  • Private expenses
  • Gratuities (optional)

Gràcia neighborhood

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