High-End Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona and Catalunya is one of, if not the biggest, culinary spot in Spain. Spanish gastronomy is renown worldwide but here in Barcelona thanks to the metropolitan life style you can enjoy several different types of food styles.

In today’s blog we will talk about the high-end, famous Catalan restaurant. All of the restaurants we will talk about will have at least 1 star in the Michelin Guide. Continuar leyendo “High-End Restaurants in Barcelona”

Barcelona’s Best Flee Markets

You can’t visit Barcelona without breathing the atmosphere of its markets. The city reunites in these key points to buy or sell fresh food and to exchange art or collectors’ items. Each market is destined to a type of product; making it more or less of a touristic attraction. So no matter what you are interested in, you will find it in Barcelona! Today in this post we will describe Barcelona’s markets which are destined to selling cloth, art, books and many more! Continuar leyendo “Barcelona’s Best Flee Markets”